Cédric Jacquemyn

Year of Creation: 2010

Flemish designer Cédric Jacquemyn was born in 1987 in an area just outside Antwerp called Wilrijk. He initially developed a strong interest in art and attended a specialist art school as a teenager. He finished art school in 2006 and went on to study fashion at the Royal Academy in Antwerp. Whilst attending the academy, some of his designs were featured in the Russian arm of Dazed & Confused magazine. When he graduated in 2010, he went about setting up his own eponymous label.


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Jacquemyn links much of his work to environmentalism, specifically to areas like climate climate and disforestation hence the names given to his collections like “The Last Glacier”.  He has a particular interest in the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and the displacement of the tribes in the area, as well as the changing environment of Iceland. His work is designed to signify the degrading of the natural environment and certain tribal cultures, marking the end of an era in the course of the planet.


Jacquemyn has a strong preference for using natural fibres in his designs and opts not to use man-made fibres like polyester. His preference for natural, rather than synthetic fibres, links back to the environmentalism that inspires him. He has also stated that allowing clothes to biodegrade naturally is another reason as to why to he chooses to use natural materials.


To broadly generalise Jacquenmyn’s past collections, a clear use of black and white is apparent and he himself states that the theme of stark contrast is one he enjoys exploring. Black, and darker shades in general, are colours he has a natural magnetism to, as he sees them as linked to being introspective. He has worn black clothing frequently, ever since he was a child. Earth tones are also a notable element in his designs, especially in more recent collections: these tones also reflect back on the theme of environment used as a source of inspiration within much of Jacquenmyn’s designs.

Jacquemyn’s style tends to be based around a slim silouttte with a general dominance of the upper body. Long flowing jackets and knitwear are frequent sights across collections. The label also includes a jewellery line which is often featured in lookbooks and runway shows.


  • HRAUN – In collaboration with Swedish clothing store Weekday, Jacquemyn has created a series of collections called HRAUN that are not part of his mainline label. The collaboration has been ongoing since 2010 and all garments are made entirely in Belgium.



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